for-every-dog-coverI want to introduce you to my dear friend, Christine Davis. Back when I was first writing, Chris was also being given a message to write—and to draw—from her precious, departed “Forever Dog.” Being a bit off the asphalt path, as are most of us here (thank heaven!), Chris listened to this small inner voice, and a series of the most precious, sweet, gentle, and comforting books were created. I have a copy of each and treasure them deeply. I recommend them to anyone suffering the loss of a pet, and have given them away to grieving friends. These are jewels, as is Christine, herself.
Hi Susan – how wonderful to be back in touch!  I understand we have a mutual friend – Connie Bowen – who told me about your fabulous blog. I didn’t know she had illustrated some of your books.
Lighthearted Press is still doing well here in Portland, OR. I have written and illustrated 4 books for animal lovers, including For Every Dog An Angel and The Shelter Dog. My heart has been calling to me to write something that will offer more comfort and healing to anyone who is coming to the end of their time with a beloved animal companion, so that is what I’m working on now. I also added a large new section to my website called Pet Loss
Even though I am a lifelong dog lover, I am currently sharing my life with 4 sibling cats, who will turn 11 years old soon. After I lost my soul dog, Jake, in 2006, I thought a new dog would find their way to me very soon. But I heard my kitties asking for some special time, just for them, before we invited a new doggie into our home.  As usual, the cats were right! I had always wanted to learn about cat magic…and now I have made the space for it.
The kitties and I send hugs to you out there in those beautiful Indiana woods.—Chris Davis”

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