Cindy, a Seeker


Hi Susan! My name is Cindy and I live in Lexington, Kentucky.  My husband and I along with ourpb010380 two daughters live in a hundred and forty year old house that has been our joy and challenge for the last five years.  The quirks and surprises of an old home never cease to delight and confound us.   We are blessed to be surrounded by horse farms and rolling green pastures wherever we look.  We have seven pets: a golden lab/shepherd mix, a lab/rottweiler mix and a beagle along with four indoor cats that we adore, and who adore us in return.  I am a seeker of Truth.  I seek to “know” rather then believe.  I am a Reiki Master and massage therapist, and between the two have been able to facilitate healing in those suffering from post trauma, as well as healing myself of emotional pain from the past. My pets have taught me much about the art of just “being”.  Through them I have learned to relax more, laugh more and see the true spiritual nature in every living thing.  I am
blessed by this life I have, my family and beloved pets mean everything to me.  I am delighted you have provided this way of meeting like-minded people.  Your website is beautiful and a beacon to kindred spirits everywhere!  Thank you for this sense of community and I look forward to meeting others as they are led to this sacred space.  I would like to post again soon when I can attach some photos of my pets and the view from my back porch!  Until then……Cindy

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