Welcome to Graham!

“Hello Susan. It’s nice to meet you!
I was a child of the ’60s, studied Philosophy at University in the ’70s, through the ’80s I worked in the music industry, took time in the ’90s to look inward while I spent time as a bereavement counsellor and hypnotherapist and in the 00’s decided to go online professionally as an information publisher specialising in what some people regard as esoteric subjects like shamanism, tai chi, hypnosis, meditation and other complimentary topics.
Most of them disappeared a few years ago as the result of a computer virus so I am now extra careful with my computer security and retain only a few titles etc of special interest and personal importance to me.
I would like to see much more dialogue and networking between people who sincerely appreciate the Oneness of all nature so I was delighted to see your site.

I look forward to sharing with you.


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