Teacher, bee charmer, and author of the classic New York Times Bestseller, Animals as Teachers and Healers – what an amazing life I’ve had!

Add to that “Camas Bee Lady,” Belly Dancer, blue-water sailor, storyteller, wildlife rehabber, Sundancer and Medicine Pipe carrier, infrequent actress (Look for me in “Leave No Trace” with Ben Foster), gardener, meditator, and you have the larger bits of my history.

I’m proud to say that to date, my writings have been published in more than twenty languages worldwide. Sometimes, I have to pinch myself…(You may notice I’ve gone by several names. I’m better at writing than I am at marriage…sigh.) 

Here are my books, along with a few reviews so you can get a feel for what they are about. Get them from Amazon (used is the least expensive) or order from your favorite bookseller.

Book cover Animals As Teachers And Healers

Animals as Teachers and Healers

“Stirring, emotional, and important . . . For anyone who’s ever owned a pet, this kaleidoscope of emotions will elicit tears, laughter, and some very special memories.”
— The Seattle Times

“Reading about the moving experiences that others have had with animals confirmed the feeling that I have often had that we are connected with them on a deeper than conscious level. This book accords animals the honor they deserve.”
— Reader

“Beautiful little Gem. Have bought so many of these over the years I’ve long lost count. They make wonderful little gifts. But beware, a box of tissues needs to be included. Most of the stories are quite dear, but a few will definitely bring tears to almost every reader.”
— Reader

Book cover with four horses running on a beach

Animals as Guides for the Soul

“…McElroy seeks to formulate a creed that will put humans and animals on an equal footing. Whatever one thinks of that belief, few will deny that McElroy offers bountiful food for thought and meditation.”
— Publishers Weekly

Book Cover-Why Buffalo Dance

Why Buffalo Dance

“‘Nature remains the clear and pure page we write ourselves upon,’” nature writer McElroy…affirms in the introduction to this engaging series of meditations on the mystery and power of the seasons of the year. Although humans feel removed from the rest of the natural world, we still work with the rhythms of the planet and we still need to pass through the cycle of the year–and for this passage the animals and plants around us have much to teach us.”
— Booklist

Why Buffalo Dance has helped turn my life into a poem. It is an incredible pleasure to read, and I find it hard to compare the feeling it gives me to any other experience except love. Bless you, Susan, for your gift of love, life, and healing.”
— Dr. Bernie S. Siegel

“As a lifelong animal lover growing up in a world where I never felt comfortable around humans but cherished my time in the barn and the woods, I couldn’t believe there was another person out there like me. You don’t have to be an animal lover to love this book, but you’ll find yourself looking at the world around you in an entirely different way.”— Reader

Book Cover-All My Relations

All My Relations

“The stories shared here are raw and miraculous. Susan’s willingness to put her stories and those of her relations out there with so much love is such a gift to us all. If each of us could follow her example and honor all of our relations in this way the world would be a better place. The practical suggestions and exercises she offers are a map to this path.”— Reader

“…A few pages in, I wondered whether the author was espousing an overly dramatic spiritual connection. Yet, I read on, thankfully. At book’s end, I came to the conclusion that Susan McElroy was charting an almost revolutionary way of enabling each of us to form a more perfect sense of our place in the universe and the inestimably important role that animals, wild and domestic, have in our dance.”
— Reader

book cover with an elk standing on a snowy plain

Heart in the Wild

“…McElroy recounts how the fauna around her inspired her to ‘rebuild, reconstruct, renew’ during a difficult period when her house was destroyed by fire and her marriage came to an end. In this inspirational memoir, full of anecdotes about the animals she loves, McElroy recalls the flames that engulfed her home in rural Wyoming,… Everyone, including domestic and farm animals, survived, but McElroy had to embark on the slow process of rebuilding.”— Publishers Weekly

“Once again, Susan Chernak McElroy has demonstrated her uncanny ability to take the reader with her into the wild places and to open communication with our companions on this earth. She paints “word pictures” which sweep the staunchest urban dweller into her journey, as we travel with her and see and smell and hear the wooded landscape of the mountains. Her sensitivity and passion for Nature and the creatures of Nature act as a prism through which we can see into our hearts…and see there a reflection of that larger world.”— Reader

What Bees Want

“An informative, captivating look at natural beekeeping useful for backyard beekeepers and anyone fascinated by bees…” — Library Journal

“I have devoured this book. There is so much information on how to have a bee-centric approach. I have marked many, many pages for reference for later and my highlighter has gotten a lot of use!”— Reader

“The text is written in the first person and it is SO DELIGHTFUL that you too will appreciate and learn to love and protect bees as well as other pollinators….It’s like reading a great novel except that the author is truthful. Get one copy!!!”— Reader