download-1“A giant Good Morning to you and yours!
This is my small home-made pond…it comes inside in the winter and has tall flowering plants, 2 small fish and an occasional frog not too mention the birds!  Your pond is wonderful, thanks for sharing.
I do not know how to put this on your blog site so forgive me for sending it to your personal address.   I am told that there are certain minnows and fancy goldfish that will (if they have enough food source) maybe leave your tadpoles alone.  When I had my large pond like yours I just made sure I had enough spaces for them to hide.  The one visitor I had each year was a Heron…that required me to put a netting over the pond, but in the end I let mother nature take its course and replenished the fish each year.
I always put the shout out for anyone that was “thinning” out their ponds and often got water Hyacinth (like these pictured) and fish and just folks that wanted to trade plants ect.  Also, if you can grab some watercress from a nearby stream and toss that in…super good for cooking, cleaning the water(filtering) and of course hiding spot for the babies!  Smells kind of neat too! 🙂
Had you in my meditation this morning and saw you really full of energy; I trust you are feeling well?  I hope you are!  Maybe it’s the “healing pond” washing over you…

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