Ghost Dog


From our friend Kerry:

“Hi Susan:

Occasionally I have wished that there was a way on your blog to start a random thread of connection. Do you know what I mean? A spot to go and see what animal subject is being discussed. The eagle pair sighting, the new grand-dog, dragonflies, the dead dog on the side of the road….

Yesterday I was driving south on the Alaska Highway when out of the corner of my eye as I passed, I glimpsed the smooth side of a white dog lying on its back, headfirst into the ditch, one paw raised in rigor mortis into the air. My stomach lurched.

I really had to get where I was going, but my mind was racing. What can I do?! There was a lakeside subdivision nearby, do I go knock on doors and see if someone is missing their dog? An impossibly time consuming job. But what if that was MY sweet dog lying there? What would I want someone to do? By the time all the thoughts had raced through my head, I was well past it. I just kept going to my work, my stomach turning.

When I was done and headed home again, I was thinking of the blog community. What would they do? What would Cindy, or D.B. or Susan do with a dead dog on the side of the road? Do I shift it back up onto the road so it can’t get missed by whoever is looking for it?

I decided to stop and shift its body to at least give it a more dignified position to rest than headfirst in a ditch. I also imagined all of you saying prayers for it, and thought I would do that on behalf of all of us.

When I saw the rounded curve of its body again, I slowed down and pulled over to the side of the narrow highway. And there, without even getting out of my truck, I could see the lifeless white lump on the other side of the road. A 50 lb white bag of sand. The white gathering of plastic sticking up above its metal twist tie, very much like a little paw. Oh.  Thank. Gawd!!!! What a relief! My whole body finally relaxed. It was almost funny, almost. But mostly I was just thankful.

And I wished I could talk to the girls on the blog and say “Girlies, what would you have done? The next time I see a dead pet on the side of the road, what to do? Has this happened to you and how did you deal with it?”

So, I was thinking of you all yesterday, wishing I had a place to write randomly without attaching it to your pond musings. Everything has turned out well though, and even writing this to you has eased my desire to connect…

Thanks Susan,


Oh! and P.S. did the essences arrive? 🙂

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