LolaFrom Denise: “Quick shot of my beloved beast Lola, out for our morning walk…pretty sure she is looking for “chippies!”  Rescued at 4 weeks 8 1/2 years ago, her mother pure Sharpie and father pure Pitt Bull.  The owners of the Sharpie wanted to breed and show when  their female hooked up with another show dog/Pitt Bull-daddy!   At about 4-weeks  2 miles into the Northern woods in an old abandoned car the owners of the Sharpie dumped the puppies?! My daughter (14 at the time) got wind of this and signed us up to get one!?  Needless to say that night at dinner when she had just begun to tell me the story of the puppies the phone rang and it was one of the rescue persons checking to see if I was indeed interested in adopting this baby?!  Picture my daughter Haley in the background doing a really good pantomime/skit to hurry up and fill in the blanks?!!! 🙂  x0xx0  🙂
Having been raised on a farm and always allowed to bring anything from turtles, bunnies or stray dogs and occasional donkey home you can imagine what I said?  YES! Still love to tease my daughter about the speech that she would “take care of the puppy every day mom”.  As history shows the caregiver would be me!
I’m sending this on the heels of Kerry’s Ghost Dog letter to remind us that they find us when we are needed and they move on when they know its time…
I’d love to hear about others experiences and I have been especially driven lately in my meditations and readings about the wild horses in this country that I just found out the government may not be protecting from being sold for meat and what ever else.  If any of you have some stories about your beloveds beasts please share.
Wishing you a very good day!
Wags from Lola!

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