Connie, the Animal Artist



Connie was my illustrator on “All My Relations” and “Heart in the Wild.” I love her work, and I love her. Talk about a gentle, child-like spirit! I’m pleased to introduce you to her work—contact her, get an animal portrait!

Hi, Susan:
Oooh – I’m so glad I found you again! I never thought to look on
your website – that your e-mail might have changed. I was using your old one! Here’s my intro:

“Pet Portrait Artist and Professional Illustrator Connie Bowen
creates stunning pet portrait paintings on canvas from photos.  Specializing in capturing the spiritual nature of dogs, cats, horses and other animals in a realistic fashion with impressionistic backgrounds as seen on Oregon Public Broadcasting’s TV show, Art Beat. Over 360 pet portraits completed and counting! Visit to see samples and FAQ”painti11

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