Zahn2I’d like to introduce you to my friend Genviev, and her companion, the Spirit Wolf. Genviev and I have been in contact for several years, during which she sent me a stunning photo of her hand placed against the Spirit Wolf’s hand. Genviev has now crafted, with the help of Zahn, the Spirit Wolf, a new publishing site where she offers some lovely cards and photos that are so wonderful for musing upon. I’m enclosing her letter to me from Spirit Wolf, and adding them to our community, and our links:

“Dear Susan,

I heard you held close to you and on your altar one of
our cards called “Kindred Spirits” and thought I should
introduce myself properly.

Named Zahn in the human language, I am also known
as “The Spirit Wolf” for my soul’s mission to bring
messages from wilderness to the awareness of humans.
A mission you have undertaken as well, with such loving
purpose and dedication you touched and inspired the

After a near-death experience last year, with two violent
strands of the fatal bacterial disease called leptospirosis,
which sent me on life support in the emergency care unit
of hospitals for nearly three weeks, I realized there was
no time to lose to make a difference in this world while I
still am in the flesh, so to speak – a state of being that is
rather evanescent for us of the animal species.  So I
created Spirit Wolf Press, a publishing company devoted
to promoting a new consciousness for humankind based
on the respect and protection of animal species and their
sacred habitats.

I am attaching a photo hereby and hope you will accept
my note in your friendly community page.

With loving blessings from your friend of the wild kind,


Zahn Spirit Wolf of Shenandoah a.k.a. “The Spirit Wolf”

Founder of Spirit Wolf Press
Tel: 503-887-8034

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