animalOkay, kindred spirits—you asked, and this is the best way I can think to craft this. As a “forum” of sorts, I am creating new categories here on the blog for you to comment in. I’m making my first one for “For Animal Lovers-Comment Here,” and starting with this beautiful message from Jeff. Just jump with your animal/spirit stories under any post in that category. I’ll be making categories for pond lovers, garden lovers, and any other category you suggest to me that you would enjoy.

Up dates on Button’s great adventure coming soon! Now, here is Jeff. Enjoy…


Had to tell you an interesting story.

At my parent’s home (my Mom died in April) I was on a few weeks off and sat reading on the porch.  One day a chicadee comes on the railing 2 feet from me and stares at me and takes off.  Next day the same.   I said “is that you Ma?”, LOL!  as the souls of the dead are traditionally carried on the wings of birds.  one day I wasn’t there the usual time and I looked out and the bird was on my chair.  Next day I was gone all day and came home to find a gift on the porch- the chickadee’s feeder.  On a friday it came again, stared and took off.  The time was 7:35pm- Mom died on a friday at 7:30pm.  Cool!  I am grateful.

Well- in addition to my fish and canary i now have 2 love birds and have been offered a dog- Shiba Imu- so I’ll have to check it out.

Hope you are well.

Thought you might like this from my Celtic prayer book

“I mantle myself in the covering of creatures:

stillness of owl, perception of eagle, humility of wren, speed of horse, strength of bear, courtesy of deer, repose of serpent, silence of mouse, courage of salmon. Nine creatures about me to clothe and protect me, on the ways that I walk.”

from-CELTIC DEVOTIONAL by Caitlin Matthews



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