Howdy Pam


view-spring2-4-04I am Pam and live in East TN overlooking the Great Smoky Mtns.My husband and I have four acres, four dogs, six cats, and 13 horses. My newest cat has introduced me to part siamese, called “Meesers” by my friend who swears by them.


His name is Ringer because he has rings on his tail.  He was white and scrawny when he came to me last July as a kitten with his sister Reba, a calico. Both were to be barn cats like their mother, and keep down the destructive rat population.  Ringer quickly discovered that I was his person and that inside the house was soft and warm. His coat is beautiful, and he follows me like a dog – will hang on the screen of my office until I let him in.[2 Ringer pics attached]  I am also owned by a Tabby cat named Kahn who has been my heart since 2000.

We have a business selling linens and furnishings to hotels, and I do equine assisted personal growth programs with a business partner, Dr. Linda Pucci. Life is full and good at Horizon Farm.

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