“Winter Sojourn: An Intimate Exploration of the Cold Moons”

The magically appearing mushrooms.

Winter-to-Winter, our spiritual and physical nature is matured and ripened by the seasonal, circular celebration of the seasons. This December, I am offering a winter web retreat to explore and build upon the natural gifts and qualities of Winter. Crafted from my book, “Why Buffalo Dance,” this extended 3-month program will use stories, your commentary, and brief outdoor activities that will genuinely anchor you in the natural healing energy of these dark months of nature. (Don’t worry about the weather! I promise the activities require no physical effort and only 10-15 minutes outside each week.). Total time commitment for the course is around an hour a week, and you can tailor it to fit your schedule.

This retreat functions as a “circle gathering.” The support, validation, and insight of your fellow Winter Travelers are a key component to the very real potential for personal/spiritual transformation along the path of this Winter Sojourn. Once a month, we will participate in a group teleconference call to kindle and deepen our relationship as Winter Travelers.

We’ll be conducting our winter travel on a private Blog I will be creating just for us. My hope is that by keeping the course fee very low, we’ll have a good-sized group of us to keep the momentum going. If you have a rough week or so along the way, no matter—you can make up explorations along the way, or just pick up the current thread. The cold moons can be hard on body and spirit, and I don’t intend this program to be another hardship, but a comfort and inspiration to us all.

These are my goals for this retreat:

*That you complete the journey with a newfound, sustained connection to Nature where you live, and to the unique power of Winter.

*That you are able to call on this new connection/relationship for insight, comfort, grounding, and peace—no matter what the circumstances in your life.

*That you feel safe, supported, and strengthened on your Winter Sojourn by the human community of your fellow travelers.


DATES: Begins Winter Solstice, ends the day before the Spring Equinox.

RETREAT REQUIREMENTS:  (1) About hour of your time each week, (2) A copy of my book, “Why Buffalo Dance,” (I’m certain you can purchase them online used and inexpensive), and (3) Access to a computer and email.

FEE: $65 paid by check, money order, or credit card to my PayPal account. Foreign travelers are welcome! Send funds to Susan Knilans, 1213 NW Ash St., Camas, WA 98607. If you want to use Paypal, my email address is listed below. It is the place you can “send money” on Paypal. Payment for the retreat is due by December 20.

TO REGISTER: Easy! Email me and tell me you would like to participate. (My email address: susanknilans at gmail dot com.)Your email to me will serve as your registration. Questions? Email me!

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