000_0634Several years ago now, I offered a winter web seminar on the gifts of the winter season. It was three months long, conducted through email lessons and posts, and all of us who walked this winter path together had a grand time. This morning, I took down the full course, and began reading it again. I thought, goodness, why not do this again??

So, in the next week, I am going to be posting information on the particulars of this “retreat,” and I hope you will join me. Last time it was limited to 20 participants. This time, I’ll take all comers. Last time, it was $300. This time, I’m offering the full six weeks for $65. Pretty good deal, huh? I figure more of us can participate with a pricing that low, plus all of the course work I needed to create from scratch last time is sitting here, saying to me, “Oooh! Let’s go!”

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