Yet another of my idols
Yet another of my idols

“Humanity did not descend as angelic beings into this world. Nor are we aliens who colonized Earth. We evolved here, one among many species, across millions of years, and exist as one organic miracle linked to the others…The natural environment we treat with such unnecessary ignorance and recklessness was our cradle and nursery, our school, and remains our one and only home. To its special conditions we are intimately adapted in every one of the bodily fibers and chemical transactions that gives us life.”—E.O. Wilson.

I love the writings of entomologist E.O. Wilson, and of the wonder he has for our living Earth. His words above are most appropriate for me today, as I welcome my very first grandchild into the world. Baby Taylor is here now, in this nursery and cradle, this school, this Earth home, and I pray that she will find joy in her days here, loved by Earth and family.

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