Turn Your Own Neighborhood into a Sustainable Community? Watch Ann Do It….

Queen of the Crones
Fierce Crone

I believe in my old adage, “If you want to survive, think small.” Communities, institutions, and governments get so big and bloated that their services are hard to find and even harder to access. My friend— author and community visionary (boy, I know a lot of visionaries don’t I?—Lucky me!) Ann Krielkamp—has kickstarted the process of turning her very own small Bloomington neighborhood into a model, self-sustaining community.

I am boggled by Ann’s determination, creativity, and fierce local activism. Please, follow her amazing “Green Acres” neighborhood project here: http://tendrepress.com/?cat=6

Ann is also the editor/publisher of one of my favorite magazines, “Crone: Women Coming of Age.” (www.cronemagazine.com)

Hmmmm, let me think—“coming of age,” or “getting old”—which would I rather be doing?

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