Goodness, where are the months going?! I turn around once, and it’s a new moon. I turn around twice, and it’s a new year. Sheesh! The new moon is upon us this coming Tuesday night, February 21st. Once again, I’ll be sitting with my Medicine Pipe and Jamie Sams’ book, The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers (See this). While I send my prayers with my pipe, along with the prayers you ask me to send for you, I’ll be pondering the energies of this month’s Clan Mother, Weighs the Truth.

Weighs the Truth, the Clan Mother of the third moon of the year, is “the keeper of equality and the guardian of justice.” This Clan Mother teaches us to:

“accept the truth inside us, as well as accept the truth of the experiences we encounter in life. If we look at ourselves with a cold eye, accepting what we find, the truth of our strengths and our weaknesses can destroy the illusions that limit our potential.”

This Clan Mother teaches us to focus on what is strong and just inside of us, and not on our weaknesses or failings. It is important for me to know this Clan Mother, because sometimes I need help in accepting some of the less-than-stellar truths I discover about myself…

Many of my dearest friends right now are struggling terribly with life challenges from scarcity of funds, to devastating illness. I am struggling with a decision to move to Oregon soon, yet I am not clear at all how this move is to look. Rent? Buy? Live in a camper for awhile?  I feel like I need to take a step off into the abyss and trust in life that the path will reveal itself. Trust in life is not something I’ve ever been good at. I hope that Weighs the Truth can help me see what is true about this move west, and about the steps that need to be taken.

I’m honored to offer any prayers you would like for me to put into the pipe this month. As always, I’ll keep them confidential and not post them here. I send many thanks to those of you who choose to pray along with me in spirit each month. I know our energies combine into a powerful, loving force.

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