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Hi Friends. While there are many, many places to put a few extra dollars these days (Irma, Harvey, Maria, Mexico…and the list goes on) I have a dream that is very big and that I would like to ask your help with.

My bee mentor, Jacqueline Freeman, and I have been invited to attend and speak at an international natural beekeeping congress in Holland next September. As you may imagine, foreign travel is not in my budget. Three nights at the coast is about as good as it gets for us in any given year. But as many of you know, bees have called me loudly and deeply these past few years, and Holland would be a dream-come-true in terms of the experts who will be there, exploring how to best care for bees in ways that are respectful and life-enhancing…

Our good and talented friend Thea created a GoFundMe Campaign to help us fund this dream

We’d be bringing SO much back here to the States to share with our bee club, our region and—as our small nonprofit grows–the nation.

I’ve heard of folks who’ve gotten tens of thousands of dollars in Kickstarter campaigns to search for the best potato salad. I know such campaigns tickle the funnybones of many, and that our campaign is not startling, funny, nor world-changing, but, if you have ever been moved by my books or feel that my writing has helped you in some way, I would ask–very humbly–if you might help me out with a donation of any size to our campaign. Promise to share with you all I learn, and I’m certain some of what would await me in Holland would be helpful to the new book I’m going to start working on this winter.

I’m fully aware how limited everyone’s wallets are these days, and how many worthy causes are clamoring for your donated dollars. I’m not a volcano, a hurricane, or an earthquake, but–still–I ask for your help and support!

If you’d like to help, you can fund us HERE. I thank you, and the bees thank you!

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