We are moving swiftly into another moon cycle. The Clan Mother for September is Setting Sun Woman. Here is what Author Jamie Sams has to say about this  moon mother: “Setting Sun Woman is the keeper of tomorrow’s goals and dreams. [She] shows us how to properly use our wills to insure the abundance of the future. She teaches us that the will to live, the will to survive, the will to be impeccable in preserving the Earth Mother’s resources are paramount parts of our Earth Walk.”

I’ll be traveling with my pipe to Crescent City this coming week to help my mother celebrate her 90th birthday. Such a milestone! I suspect I’ll be performing this month’s prayer ceremony in view of the sea, which will make it very special for me. If you are new to this site, just read the page about the prayer ceremony I try and hold each month. Then, if you have any prayers you would like me to send with my medicine pipe, just write to me. I’ll keep them private, and I’ll send them on their way with sacred smoke, and the assistance of the Seven Sacred Directions, and—of course—Settting Sun Woman. I expect to be in ceremony either Saturday or Sunday, so make those prayers quickly! Good grief, how the time flies!

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