Carla and son Josh
Carla and son Josh

Carla’s story touches me deeply. Her journey so very clearly and achingly demonstrates the difference between a healing journey and a curing journey. Carla, we are sending good ju-ju your way!

Hello Susan, I love the page where people can share about themselves and their animals. I would love to share a bit of my story. My friends started a site for me on Caring Bridge. It is a wonderful place to connect and share information.
About 8 months ago I found out I had breast cancer, it is a rare kind, very painful and fast moving. I have chosen to have a quality of life and do alternative therapy. I find myself in a very interesting place. I have moved to The Dalles which is on the Columbia River with my therapy cat Purr Boy. We have an economy apt with a million dollar view.

My quality of life has been very good for the past 8 months, I am always on the pain roller coaster but have found natural sources of relief. I just found out this week that the cancer has spread to both lungs and new little cluster of new tumors have emerged on my chest wall below my breast. I am doing some amazing healing things but feel as if I am not keeping up with the movement of this unwelcome visitor in my body.
I feel very much at peace with whatever Life’s next grand adventure will be. I just read a great book called “Grace & Grit” by Ken and Treya Wilbur. I was very inspired by her living & dying.

Purr Purr
Purr Purr

My cat Purr Boy has become my constant companion, he thinks its really cool when I can sleep 15 hrs a day. I am finding joy and contentment and stay in each NOW as much as I can. Great amounts of fear and worry have completely fallen away and I am excited about this healing journey. I find that many Dr’s don’t recognize that death can be a powerful and natural form of healing. I have no attachments to the outcome embracing it all.
Keep up the good work so good to see all the photo’s……Blessings of Love, Carla

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