StinkardsThis missive is about raising a stink. It is a prologue to the post I am going to write LATER about the eight infant skunks who came into my life last week, and have kept me way too busy to do such things as blog, for goodness sake! So, as a reflective intro to the writings soon to come, I am posting a comment I just got from our sister Cindy about raising a stink of another kind.

Wise women do not suffer fools lightly, and are inclined to raise a stink when the situation seems to warrant it. Cindy’s words rung a bell with me, and she asks us to consider if “bad” qualities actually might be better reframed in midlife as gifts. That is, is raising stinks of various kinds unseemly, or is it a virtue? Cindy would like to know…

You are all an inspiration, and I mean that with all my heart.  I take away little nuggets of wit and wisdom every time I visit here.  Now let me ask you this…..

Yesterday my husband referred to me as “cantankerous”.  He said this is his usual kidding way (I think), but I wondered this time…

His view of me is I have very little patience with phoniness, and it’s true, I don’t.  I smell it a mile away and call it what it is.  But today I am rethinking this new title as maybe something to be thankful for.  What do you think?  Have any of you reached that place in your life where you just don’t have the time or patience for the trivial, the “airs” people put on, or, like me, get really cranky if the minutia in life gets in the way of your nature time…..or meditation, nap, bath, walk, whatever it is that makes your day your own?  My response time to the situations that cramp my style has gotten shorter, and many times I’ve been compared to a pre-historic, slant-eyed raptor, turning my head to the side to size up my disturber!  Is this old age?  Is this what happens?  Or, am I developing into a seasoned, graceful wise woman, one who knows her
limits and tolerances?  Or should I be more tolerant of these daily disturbances? Or, am I just a little rough around the edges as I hone my crone skills?  Will I find a happy medium?  Oh, these things plague me!  Am I growing in grace or am I getting crotchety?  Can anyone relate?

Thank you very much, now I need to dodge the door-to door salesman walking up to my porch as I write!  Arrrgh…….

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