How quickly the weeks fly! Summer solstice falls just after the new moon on Tuesday, the 19th. I’ll be offering prayers that coming weekend as part of a drumming and pipe circle. So, start sending your prayers to me soon! If you are new to this monthly ceremony, please read my blog page that describes this ritual.

This coming moon is the domain of the seventh clan mother, Loves All Things. According to author Jamie Sams, Loves All Things is the “mother of unconditional love and all acts of pleasure.” She is the keeper of sexual wisdom, self respect, the nurturing mother, and the warmth of the feminine aspect. Loves All Things teaches us how to love all aspects of our lives, how to be a loving mother, a trusted friend, a nurturing, sensual lover. She can teach us how to forgive ourselves and others, and to develop the capacity for acceptance. Her essence is the power to love the truth in all things.

We have a few days left—very few—to honor last month’s clan mother, Storyteller. She is, of course, my personal favorite, and I very much missed her energy in my life this month as I was so wrapped up in moving. Still, I did manage to get a few stories told along the way!

This will be the first time sitting with my pipe in the Northwest, and I’ll be sharing her with a group. I’m certain it will be a powerful prayer ceremony, coming on the cusp of summer solstice. I welcome your prayers and the trust you put in me to offer them to spirit.

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