Denise has been carrying the energy for a meditation group here in our Kindred Spirit Community. She’s finally sent me a photo—who knew she was so lovely!
Our Mermaid, Denise
Our Mermaid, Denise

O.k., this is late last summer on Little Traverse Bay( Petoskey, Michigan) about an hour north of my town Traverse City during an afternoon of darting in & out of the inlets that feed into Lake Michigan.  Looks serene but notice the rocks, the bottom is solid with those rascals! Sturgeon, white fish, trout,  steelhead, Walleye and the ancient water God the Musky glide through these lakes along with the annual Salmon run, it is an amazing place to be.

To our “community” as Susan calls it; not much feed back on the meditation we did some months ago?  How about doing a group Meditation on Mother’s Day morning before you get into what ever you do?  Quiet your spirit upon awakening for 15 minutes or so and in your silence allow for the love & well-being of all Mother’s (however many legs they may have that have graced your life!) .  When you have a chance, please share how the energy of the moment touched you and maybe a note or two about that special mom.
Denise (D.B.)

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