November 25 will mark the third month of gathering for prayers and wisdom with my medicine pipe on or near the new moon of each month. If you’ve been following this process, you’ll know that a group of my readers are studying along with me in our readings of Jamie Sams’ “The Teachings of the Thirteen Original Clan Mothers.”

Each monthly moon cycle is expressed by a particular Clan Mother, who brings a particular gift to the people of the Earth. All thirteen moons together carry all the wisdom we humans need to walk in a good way upon the Earth. So Jamie says. Each month, I spend an evening with my pipe and my friends, reflecting on the lessons of the Clan Mother for coming moon, and using this gathering as an opportunity to send prayers…

I invite you to send prayers to me to include in the medicine pipe ceremony. I’ll put each of your prayers into a small pinch of tobacco, which I will use to load the pipe. In this way, our prayers take the form of visible breath, winding their way to spirit on a trail of sacred smoke. Pray for those in need. Pray for yourself, if you are in need. Pray for the Earth. There is no such thing as too many prayers. IF YOU ASK, I’LL KEEP YOUR PRAYERS CONFIDENTIAL—THAT IS, I WILL NOT POST THEM ON THE SITE FOR OTHERS TO SEE.

This month, our prayers will be drifting up into the heavens on the energy of Gives Praise, the Clan Mother of the 12th moon cycle. Here is what Jamie says about this special Clan Mother, and I don’t have to tell you (if you read a few of the older posts here…) just how much this lunar Mother means to me:

Gives Praise is the Clan Mother of the Twelfth Moon Cycle, who reaches us how to ge grateful fo reverything we experience in life. In returning thanks, we are shown how to make space in our lives for future abundance. gives Praise teaches us the see ow we are healing through every lesson we encounter on the Good Red Road. This Clan MOther reminds us to be grateful for the challenges we are given, no matter how dificult, since they show us how to develop our inner strength.

Now, there is a lesson to ponder not just for a month, but for all the years of our lives, dontcha think?

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