000_1597Here at the blue house in Washington, I’ve created a small container garden that I can move along with me when we settle somewhere permanently. The Garden Tower is the queen of my containers, offering 50 slots in which to grow food, herbs, or flowers. My friend, Colin, in Bloomington invented this thing, and I just love it!

This past summer, my Garden Tower supplied us with tomatoes, herbs, strawberries, fresh greens, comfrey, and winter squash. It would have supplied me with much more, but I set it in a part of the Fairy Garden that doesn’t get a whole lot of sun. I’m planning on moving it this spring with a hand cart to the sunny spot by the propane tank.

This lovely contraption also serves as a composter. In the center of the Tower is a tube into which I toss my garden scrapes. I added a cup of red worms, and these little wigglers eat up all my scraps and turn it all into rich, black worm compost. Pretty keen! So my tower also fertilizes itself. Last summer, the Tower was also  home to a few little green frogs, and a favorite gathering place for honey bees and one big, red dragonfly.

000_1601If you are short on garden space, or live in an apartment or condo, or would like the ease of vertical gardening with no weeding involved, you might want to get one of these. I noticed that Colin is currently selling them for a reduced shipping fee, so I pass this good news on to you. Here is his link:


The photos show the Tower in various stages of growth…

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