windchimeStephen Levine (author, meditator, and really far-out, cool fellow that I had the pleasure to meet once) says ,” Healing is the growth that each person seeks. Healing is what happens when we come to our edge, to the unexplored territory of mind and body, and take a single step into the unknown, the space in which all growth occurs.”

I say, the small boo-boos of life require cures: colds, cuts, breaks, scrapes, and infections. The big things in life—big illnesses, big catastrophes, big sorrows—require healing. You don’t cure divorce, the death of a spouse, the loss of your home, but you can always find healing in these journeys.

Thanks to Kindred Spirit Denise, we are becoming a community that sends healing and blessings to our Kindred Spirit family members on Saturday mornings. Sitting in silent meditation, we know our energy may not provide “cures,” but always provides healing. Join in! (meet Denise in the “comments” to many posts—a natural born community organizer and healer. Okay, Denise—send in a photo and introduction so we may plaster you up in the “Meet the Community” category where you belong!)

To become part of our healing meditation circle, simply set aside 15-20 mintutes of time at 7am (in your own time zone) on the first Saturday of every month to send goodwill, healing energy, blessings, and/or prayers to our growing community!

Could you use some blessings yourself during a difficult time? Reply to this post. Tell us briefly what you could use some good energy for. Then, on March 7th, prepare to get some good medicine coming your way!

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