Our next Medicine Pipe Ceremony for Prayer will take place on a most special day–Christmas Eve. In my family tradition, Christmas Day was pretty anti-climactic. All the real magic of angels and elves and stars, trees, and gifts and wise-men and holy babies happened late on Christmas Eve, when the night was at its darkest, and my brother and I had been sent off to bed. At least, that is how it was in my child world.

As a gray-haired, somewhat jaded adult, I find that Christmas Eve still holds magic. Perhaps it is just old habit, or perhaps it is because magic does indeed happen on that night of December 24th. No matter. I still can conjure up a sense of the mysterious and the holy on a late night, star-studded Christmas Eve.

Not coincidentally, The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers must have sensed the imbedded holiness of the 12th month of the year, and assigned that special month to Becomes Her Vision:

Becomes Her Vision is the Mother of the Alchemical Changes and Rites of Passage into Wholeness, Keeper of Emergence of Spirit into Physical Form, Guardian of Transformation, Transmutation, and Personal History. She teaches us how to become our visions and own our wholeness, how to release the old Self and step into the realized dream, how to honor the process that brought us through our transformation, how to mark a Rite of Passage into Wholeness and Celebrate the vision we have become.

This is magical stuff, indeed. But in our culture, we call that awesome potential for rites of passage into a greater wholeness “New Year’s Resolutions,” and have long since stripped any magic out of the event. In that precious month when the light begins its return to us, our culture traditionally celebrates this sacred time with noise and drunkenness.

Surely, there are many prayers to be shared as we lay to rest this dying year and fire up our hopes for the new year coming our way. Becomes Her Vision will carry this alchemical energy for us into 2012. As our prayers float up on sacred smoke into the mystery, we can be assured they will be carried in the hands of a most powerful Clan Mother.

Those of you following along in these prayer ceremonies know the drill: Please send me any prayers you would like me to put into my medicine pipe for this Christmas Eve ceremony. I’ll keep them private for you.

Those of you new to this ceremony that I am facilitating each month, read all about it here, under the Post, “Calling All Prayers.”

I send you all my prayers for an abundant 2012, full of transformations of the most blessed kind. I’ll be conducting this ceremony here in Tampa, Florida, so expect some alligator energy coming your way!

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