This holiday season, WildCare, the rehab center I volunteer for, is selling calendars to raise funds. WildCare gets NO outside funding other than donations. They don’t even have regular memberships. And I’m certain you can all imagine how donations are going in these troubled times.

Because of my health limitations, I am not nearly as active with WildCare as I long to be, but I want to believe that this Christmas, my “fame” may be of some use. I am asking if you would please find it in your hearts and wallets to purchase calendars—which depict some of the many animals we’ve cared for and released this past year. Some of animals (the barn owl in the photo, for instance), I’ve fed and tended myself, for weeks on end. These are not just pretty pictures of wild creatures. They are the faces of wild creatures that are alive and free thanks to all those dedicated, good hearts at WildCare, and those who donate to our humble cause.

Here is the pitch: For $15—postage included—I’ll send you a WildCare calendar autographed by yours truly, and I’ll personalize them for gifts, too, if you’d like to buy several. If you don’t have $15, for only $5, I will send you an autographed book plate, so that for those of you who treasure my books, you can now have them signed and personalized just for you.

All proceeds go directly to WildCare. Just think—you’ll be playing an active part in the lives of Buzz and Flipper, the hummers, too!

If you would like a calendar, or a book plate (or many of both!!), Just send a check made out to “WildCare” to my home—Susan Knilans, 6491 E. Cox Drive, Bloomington, IN 47408—and I’ll speed them to you in plenty of time for the holidays.

I am blessing you and thanking you for making a difference—directly—in the lives of these orphans and injured ones.

Visit WildCare at http://www.wildcareinc.org/

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