Last year, I spent a short but never-to-be-forgotten time in Maine, giving a presentation at a True North conference. This health-minded organization is steered by a group of the most fascinating, dedicated, compassionate, and funny men and women doctors, nurses, and creative health practitioners it has ever been my privilege to spend time with. While I was there, I was in the care of Cynthia Atkinson, a wise, gifted energy medicine woman who kept me under her mothering wing the whole time I was there, helping me to feel instantly at home in this cl0se group of “strangers.”

Of course, I’ve kept in touch with “Sister Cynthia” ever since, and just post-New Year, I got this email from her

Cynthia---Medicine Woman (a title I bestowed...)

“Hi my friend! How are you and please tell me what you’ve been up to. I am so excited to tell you about a new service I am offering that might be of interest to you.

As you may remember, I’ve been doing energy work with people for over 16 years and informally working with animals for almost as many years. Recently, I have officially expanded my practice to include our 4 legged friends. I have some great stories about how helpful the energy work has been for dogs, cats, and horses whether the complaint is physical or behavioral. And, the work can be done totally by distance if necessary.

So if I may tap into your wisdom, my question for you is: do you have suggestions for getting the word out about this service?…”

Well, what are blogs for if not for sharing good information, good people, and good services with kindred spirits?? So, friends, I am posting the information Cynthia sent to me about her new offerings. I endorse her work whole-heartedly. She is a healer with a very, very powerful, flat-out miraculous personal healing story to tell, if you coax her. Dear ones, I introduce you to “Sister Cynthia” and her profound work:

Energy Medicine with Pets and their Loved Ones….

…Bringing Balance and Wellness to Horses, Dogs, and Cats

Cynthia Atkinson, CEMP/S/I, CHTP—207-883-4276

email: cdacht (at) maine (dot)rr (dot) com. (Listing it this way keeps electronic spam sharks from using it…)

Energy Medicine is a unique way of helping to facilitate the healing process with a beloved companion/pet while building a deeper connection between animals and their humans.

The story about the companion/pet’s issue or illness is told by their person. It is important to include how everyone in the family is affected.

Each companion/pet receives a complex energy assessment checking not only their chakras, but all 7 levels of the energy field at each chakra. The energy field itself is assessed as well as 2 other aspects of the energy system, the hara alignment and the core star. Meridians, organs, and system are also assessed depending on the issue that needs attention. All of this can be done in close proximity of the companion/pet or more at a distance with respect to the needs of the companion/pet, or even from a distance over miles. In the latter case, a phone consult is done at the beginning and end of the 1st session.

All healing work is spiritual work so spirit guides, teachers, ‘helpers’ as well as the companion/pet’s ancestors are always invited to be present for the highest healing good of each companion/pet. Energy medicine interventions are performed based on the energy assessment. A post assessment is always done to re-check the energy system.

Several follow up energy re-assessments are done from a distance and checking in with the loved one within 2 days. At times, it may be suggested that a personal session(s) with the loved one is needed to help shift the energy of the pet’s illness or behavior issue.

Energy Medicine is designed to enhance the healing process and does not replace medical or traditional veterinary healthcare, medical diagnoses, or medical treatment for illness.

The work is specific to the animal and their person. The work I do with animals is unique to my energy background and also how I tune in to my guidance and to the guidance of everyone involved. In a couple sentences:

Energy Medicine is a unique way of helping to facilitate the healing process with a beloved companion/pet while building a deeper connection between animals and their people. It involves listening to the story that includes the intention for the energy work as well as information about this special relationship between the animal and their person. A complex energy assessment is done, and then energy interventions are done to repattern the flow of energy, where it was blocked before due to physical and/or emotional issues.

My fee for service is $70/session. Sessions may last 45-60 minutes. This does not include travel time over 1 hr total.

Cynthia was the first Certified Healing Touch Practitioner in Maine (1996), and became certified as an Energy Medicine Practitioner/Specialist in 2004. She is a Charter Member of Healing Touch International, Inc., and serves on the Credentialing Board for Energy Medicine Partnerships, Inc. She was recently invited to be on the Advisory Board for Energy Medicine Partnerships International.

Cynthia has over 20 years experience as a group facilitator and brings great enthusiasm to her role as an instructor for the multi-level certification program, Transform Your Life through Energy Medicine™ (TYLEM). As a teacher, Cynthia brings sensitivity and respect to each group; creating a safe space where participants feel supported, challenged, and open to the potential of their personal growth. She teaches TYLEM™ throughout New England and speaks regularly at area conferences, schools, and businesses.

In addition to her training in energy work, Cynthia is also a Certified Instructor of the Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster Program and offers private sessions to clients.

“Cynthia is committed to quality patient care. The way that she clearly understands what is needed to accomplish that goal is excellent. She practices with love, skill, knowledge, and full commitment to her patients/clients. Cynthia is a leader in energy work.” Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook, RN, CEMP/S/I, CHTP/I, Founder and Director of Energy Medicine Partnerships, Inc.

Here is some general information about the Energy Medicine process:

Energy Medicine promotes a sense of relaxation and well being. It is effective in altering the perception of pain, facilitating the healing process, and mobilizing the recipient’s own healing response. It is not limited to the treatment of illness/injury, but is also useful in health maintenance and addressing behavioral issues. The whole relationship between person and animal can be addressed when needed. It can also help with abused, neglected, abandoned animals or those with rescue trauma. It is useful in assisting and easing the final days for your companion.

The same code of ethics is followed whether working with people or animals. Your privacy as a client is assured.

The energy work is done with hands placed lightly on the body or in the energy field close to the body or further away depending on the need of the animal. Energy work can also be done all from a distance. A full complex pre and post energy assessment is included as well as follow up feedback time, and 2 distance energy check-ins.

Energy Medicine – Caring for Animals is a complementary therapy. Therefore, there is no need to discontinue any medical treatment your companion/pet is currently receiving. It does not take the place of veterinary care, but works in harmony with all healing therapies.

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