Ooops. That’s all I can really say in defense of myself. I forgot to bring my copy of “The Thirteen Original Clanmothers” to Tampa with me, and had to go online to seek out the Clanmother for the 12th moon. I goofed and shared insights about Becomes Her Vision, the Clanmother of the 13th moon. That would be the Clanmother of the blue moon—that once yearly lunar event when two full moons fall in the same month. The blue moon is the second full moon.

So, for all of you have been following along in our monthly new moon prayer ceremonies, I steered you wrong. But then again, I think that Becomes Her Vision is a fine Clanmother for very first moon of the New Year. The Clanmother who really presides over January is Talks With Relations, the mother of nature.

We are in the waning days of Talks With Relations (who is probably my personal favorite of all the Clanmothers), but there is still time to honor her ways and reflect upon her unique wisdom. Talks With Relations is the keeper of the natural rhythms, the weather, the seasons, and the tides. She is guardian of the languages of all our relations, including the stones, the trees, and the creatures. She teaches us how to understand the unspoken languages of nature, how to honor cycles, and how to enter the sacred space of other relatives with respect.

If I could have one gift of mystery, it would be to understand and to speak the languages of all our relations. I can’t know such a wonderful thing, but I can dream about it.

In the next few days, I’ll be posting about the next prayer ceremony, which will occur on Sunday, January 22nd. More to come!

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