Yes, that was me who packed my “Thirteen Original Clan Mothers” book away in some unnamed box by accident. And it would be me, also, who has packed away just enough things to make life more chaotic than usual.

While the new moon beams her darkness down to us this coming Sunday, I will be boxing the last of our belongings in preparation for the movers on Monday morning. They are coming at 8 in the morning, an hour I find uncharitable. Perhaps it’s for the best. Maybe being in a fog for part of moving day is not such a bad thing.

I want to let you know that I won’t be able to attend to my prayer ceremony this Sunday. But I will be holding all of you in prayer as I go about my last evening in this house, boxing, taping, sweeping. I’ll be back in better touch on the other end of our journey, when I reach Camas, Washington.

If you would all help me out by carrying on the prayers come Sunday, I would be so appreciative. Pray for each other and for all of us as we face this crazy summer of 2012.

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