This coming Sunday, January 22nd, is the night of New Moon. Once again, it’s time for our monthly medicine pipe prayer ceremony. If you are new to this blog, please see this┬ápost for a description of this ritual.

February is the second moon of the year, and the spiritual home of Wisdom Keeper, the protectress of sacred traditions and the guardian of friendship. For those of you following along in The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers” by Jamie Sams, you’ll find a wealth of lessons about how this Clan Mother helps us to understand the unique wisdom of each life form. Wisdom Keeper also guides us on our path toward self-development and expansion. We can call on this Clan Mother for help in seeing the truth in all things, all traditions, all experiences, and all beings.

My birthday is in February, so I believe I have a special responsibility to honor and emulate the gifts and wisdoms of this Clan Mother. Sometimes I can get so caught up in “my truth,” that I forget to consider the many layers of truth regarding all things and all situations. And, I must admit, seeing the truth of my own actions is sometimes the most difficult truth to own.

If you have prayers you would like me to add to the pipe this month, please send them soon. I will keep them confidential, that is, I won’t post them on the site. I’m not sure how many will be attending this prayer circle yet, but know that even if it is me alone, I’ll be sitting beside the spirits of the seven sacred directions and Wisdom Keeper, so your prayers will be heard and carried by a host of angels.

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