Whew, I’ve had a busy posting day! For those of you who follow my personal life as well as my writing life, I wanted to let you know about some happenings here in my own private Indiana. It seems that the fates have a lot of medical meanderings in store for Carter and me this year. Carter will be having two serious surgeries (neck/back and abdomin) in the next few months, so we’re pretty busy right now with doctor visits and testing (this following a recent fainting spell of mine that was of no medical consequence but kept me busy with tests for the following two weeks—sheesh!).

My postings may be—and have been!—a bit sporadic for a time. I’m sorry about this, as connecting in this way with you all has great meaning for me and I look forward to both sharing with, and hearing from, you. Thanks so much for your patience and prayers!

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