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Bees are all about heart. Even when they hang in swarms!
Bees are all about heart. Even when they hang in swarms!

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve done any presentations out in the world, and I’m doing one at this conference. It is another reason why I’m so busy lately, as I’m helping craft and coordinate the event. Whether you are a bee lover or not, this is a gathering of wonderful people in a wonderful place. Here’s the short version:

We are hosting a 3-day conference on Bee-Centered Beekeeping August 21-22-23 at our farm. We’ve got EIGHT speakers who are on the cutting edge of the natural beekeeping movement. This is the first time these visionary presenters have been brought together and we’re very excited about the cross-pollination that will happen here. Please join us. More info at http://spiritbee.com/wp-content/…/2015/07/Bee-Conference.pdf (www.spiritbee.com/conference). Our farm is in Battle Ground, WA (35 min. north of Portland, OR). Please share with other like-minded folks.

I spend a lot of time at Jacqueline’s farm, making magic of all sorts. The presenters will be talking bees, but not bee-care as you would think of it. This is a deep and spiritual immersion into the world of the honeybee. I’ve met many of the presenters and they are practical mystics in the best sense of the term. I’d love to see some of you! It is an event you will never forget, I can promise that!


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