My good friend Genviev had a great idea the other day, so I’m passing it on to you for your input. This may be a way for all of us to participate in generating more income in these challenging times. See what you think!

KindredWebFrontThe Spirit Wolf Press Proposition

In light of the financial and economic difficulties so many of us have
been facing lately, Susan and I have been discussing the idea of
offering each interested member of the community gathered on her
site the possibility of becoming an official distributor of our Spirit Wolf
Press collections.

Distributors would be able to generate high profit margins on every
card they sell.  This system would allow those interested to distribute
the collections directly in their area and generate profit margins
equaling those traditionally allocated to commercial distributors.  Our
intention is to enable each of us to regain control over our individual
financial stability, while reaching for our dreams, supporting each
other by sharing the fruits of our labor and working together to
promote the respect and protection of animal spirits and their sacred

Once we have an official distributor for each of our designs (excluding
Kindred Spirits which is already in distribution), they will be able to sell
their cards at retail and also purchase from us at wholesale any card in
distribution (including Kindred Spirits) to add to their line of products.
We will develop a referral system on our website, listing each of our
distributors and the different cards or collections they carry.  As a
former marketing and business development executive with international
corporations and a peak performance coach, I can also offer coaching,
mentoring and advice to our team.  This could start as group e-mails
and conference calls and could lead to webinars, motivational sessions
and in-person meetings.

It is a new concept, which came to me after reading about the situation
and difficulties many of us are facing today.  If there is a way for us to
work together, doing what we love while helping each other reach for
our dreams, it could be a wonderful proposition!

We look forward to hearing your thoughts.


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