allmyrelationsWhen I was young (back in the covered wagon days), I spent my summers reading. By a pool, on a towel in the backyard, traveling in cars on vacation, in bed on those shortened summer nights, on a lakeshore near the woods, along rivers, and on rare occasions, in libraries.

In fond memory of those luxurious days, I am offering a summer book circle. The book I’ve chosen this time around is one of my own. This was Carter’s idea, not mine. I had another one in mind, but Carter said, “You write books, silly! Read one of your own!” And so my selection is one of my favorite, although least publicized books, “ALL MY RELATIONS. This is a great book to get your mind and your heart reflecting, and has a series of great practices at the end of each chapter. I haven’t read it myself since it was published. It’s time for me to take another look, and I’d love some company doing it!

Sharing with others—here and in bi-weekly phone circles—deepens the reading experience and also our connection with our kindred spirit family. You will remember these weeks together.

My intent is to make this an enjoyable, nurturing experience, thus, your participation will be entirely up to you. If you can’t finish a chapter a week, or don’t want to do one (or any) of the practices at the end of the chapters, let your body and energy levels be your guide. Those of you with some extra time—or who can create extra time for our Readers’ Circle—may want to dive in deeply!

"I love reading at the pool! Let's sign up as soon as we towel off!"
"I love reading at the pool! Let's sign up as soon as we towel off!"

Here is our 10 week/chapter calendar:

  • DATES: I’ll be posting on Mondays, weekly, for each successive chapter, beginning on June 22, running through August 24. Post your own comments on each chapter under the blog post that relates to it. Hopefully, we can get a fine dialogue going in the comment sections!
  • TELECONFERENCE CALLS (phone circles) are July 6 & 20, and August 3 & 17 at  7:30pm EST
  • COST: $60 for the whole shebang!

If you would like to sign up, please email me. You can get books at newworldlibrary.com or amazon.com. I have no copies of this title to sell. nonrefundable payment is due by June 20th. Lets get reading!

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